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Bringing PFAB to the Middle East

In another crazy turn of events (welcome to my life), I have ended up moving from small-town Al Ain to the heart of Dubai. I have also stopped teaching in order to develop my work as a photographer as well as pursue some of my other interests!  It’s equal parts exciting and intimidating and nerve-wracking and invigorating, and I may be in slightly over my head, but I couldn’t be more excited to have several months where I can focus solely on showing my work and meeting other artists.

Plans are already starting to be developed, though!  I’ve met an artist/designer who has an amazing line called Neon Edge here in Dubai, and she’s bringing me into the art world here by offering to host some of my work in her studio during the Sikka Art Fair from March 14-24. Stay tuned for photos, and fingers crossed this will lead to new opportunities!  Also, over the next few weeks there will thousands of photos added to this site, my site for my domestic work will be completed, I’m going to be submitting portfolios to different publications, networking with other artists and photography groups, and investigating galleries here in the UAE that might show my work. And then just for fun I’m also going to be taking a course to become a scuba dive instructor, so I’m not anticipating too much free time, but I’m also not complaining about it!

I really appreciate the support I’ve received from everyone here in Dubai and I’m looking forward to big things, so stay tuned and wish me luck!


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Photos From A Broad in America IS HERE!!

While it’s definitely still in its infancy, I have built a new website to host my pictures from the US.  I’ll be uploading all of my shots over the next few weeks and am using a new format that I really like the look of.  Main announcements will still be made here, but for the sake of keeping things organized I’ve had to split things up into international and domestic sites.

Here it is!  www.PhotosFromABroadInAmerica.wordpress.com

Enjoy and please feel free to respond to how you like the new format and the new pictures.  And of course you can still place orders following the same procedure as on this site.

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Beginning a New Endeavour

A few friends have asked me to start taking pictures of them for senior pictures and evens and parties, which is definitely a new direction for me.  It’s been fun to start to play with those situations and develop an entirely new set of photography skills!  I’m going to be posting these shots on Photos From A Broad in America, the sister site that I’m working on right now, so look for those once the site is up and running.  Hopefully I’ll be able to build on these experiences and keep learning and growing.  Here are a few things from photo shoots done for senior pictures and a spring festival of sorts:

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New Material and Plenty of It!

I just got back from over a week in Puerto Rico and am incredibly excited about all of the great new shots I’ve captured!  It’s going to take me quite a while to process all of them and make them look exactly the way I want them to, but it’s a challenge I’m looking forward to.

But this brings me to my main point: since I have been taking so many pictures in the US lately, at some point in the near future I’m going to be creating a sister site to host my American-based photos.  Keep an eye out for that soon, and in the meanwhile here are a few shots from Puerto Rico to give you a taste of what I’ve seen:

Lizard on the Leaves 2

The Fountain and the Church

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Fun News Today

I went into Ella’s today to do some work here on the website and on my other online portfolios and got some totally radical news: they have sold more of my photos than any other artist they’ve featured!!

So I’m totally stunned and humbled and reassured and want to say “Thank you!!” one more time to everyone who has bought a picture, said nice things about my work, encouraged me to get my name out there, or even just asked how things are going. Also, everyone at Ella’s continues to be incredibly supportive and encouraging and lovely to work with (and good cooks–my falafel today was out of this world!) and it’s worth the trip to Lowell to spend some time in their cozy cafe!

I thought it might be fun to give an update and share what I have in the works and plans/goals for the near future, so here goes:
–There are a few photo shoots coming up to take advantage of the winter weather that has finally arrived, one at Frederick Meijer Gardens and the other a drive along the lakeshore photographing various lighthouses.  Those are both this month, so look for those to be posted here by the end of January!
–There’s an amazing online portfolio portal (www.behance.net) on which I’ve started to put smaller, more artfully grouped collections that have a central theme to them.  The hope is that it might bring me to the attention of someone looking to hire a freelance photographer.  Fingers crossed!
–I am working on entries for various art shows that will be happening in the spring around Michigan, so no doubt that will keep me hustling in a few months.
–I’m meeting photographers in West Michigan to get feedback from them and explore possible collaborations.
–Over the next few weeks I’m going to pull together a collection of 50 photos that have an interesting story behind them and create a collection of short stories to (possibly, maybe, scarily) try to publish.

So I think that about covers it, but it’s more than enough to keep me completely swamped all the way through summer, no doubt!  Sometimes I stop and am just blown away by the fact that I’ve actually made this ‘photography thing’ a real business and have such huge plans for it.  I can’t wait to see what comes of it!!!

Sold most recently at Ella’s: Buddha Head Collage (Five individually framed 5 by 7 pictures)


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