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Wrapping Up Another Amazing Show

I have to very quickly say THANK YOU to everyone who made my last show such an overwhelming success!  I was able to sell two dozen photos at Ella’s!!  I am so humbled by the warm reception and wonderful support I’ve received there and at all my shows in Grand Rapids.  I am loving every minute of my slow but steady transition from teacher to photographer; it’s the best kind of stress there is.

New shows are being discussed here in Dubai, and I also have plans to do portraits and take product shots for some of the many, many friends I have made in my new home.

One of my New Year’s resolutions is to get this site and Photos From A Broad in America up to date by February with the backlog of photos I have from Puerto Rico, the US, Canada, and now Oman.  Oh, dear, lots of work, but like I said it’s good stress!

So again, shukran jazheelin to everyone who has bought pictures or otherwise supported my work.  It makes me incredibly happy that my work has touched you!


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One Show Ends, Another Begins

Last week I took my pictures down off of the walls at Schulers and surrendered the space to another wonderful photographer (who I actually met and advised to show her work when she bought one of the my pieces in the store).  If you live in the area and get a chance to see Dorothy’s work, I highly recommend it!

But life keeps moving right along, and I’m currently sitting in Ella’s of Lowell appraising how I arranged my photos for the new show I’ve started here!  This time I’ll be focusing on pictures I’ve taken over the years here in the US as well as Canada and Puerto Rico, and it’s immediately obvious that there’s a different style and a different vibe at work in this collection.  I’ve already heard some lovely comments from Ella’s customers and am eager to come back on Monday with a few more pictures that weren’t quite ready to go up on the wall.  I’ll be her featured artists for at least the months of September, October, and November, so hopefully you’ll find a chance to come and enjoy them!  And just in case you’ve forgotten the details:

Ella’s of Lowell
307 E. Main, Lowell, MI


And in other news…

–There will be a reception here at Ella’s that will probably coincide with my birthday, so if you’re looking for an excuse to imbibe some tasty wines (special selections from my manager at the Flat River Grill), keep on the lookout for more information here or on Facebook.
–The new website will be completely done in a few days!  I needed to change the format because it didn’t have enough memory for all of my pictures, but I’ve got it nearly worked out–look for it soon!
–I’m talking to the manager at Striders in Eastown to hang some of my pictures in their store!  I love the people there and always enjoy the Wednesday running group, so this is definitely exciting for me.
–My first Facebook ad is going to start running this coming Wednesday.  So don’t ignore the blurbs to the right of your profile, see if you can catch PFAB over there!

I’d say that’s enough for today, but expect more soon when PFABIA is done and ready for you to enjoy.  Have a great weekend!

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Many, Many Thanks

I have just taken down my photos at Ella’s and can’t say how grateful I am to all of the people who bought a print.  Several more sold since my last post and Ella says it’s been her most successful show to date!  I’m talking with a few other cafes around the Grand Rapids area to figure out where I’ll be showing next and will have details as soon as I know them.

And again thank you to everyone who supported me and helped make my first exhibition such a huge success!

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For Those Within Driving Distance of Grand Rapids

If you would like to see my pictures in person and get an idea for what they would look like mounted and framed, now is your best chance: my first show has just started!!

Ella’s Cafe in Lowell, MI will have my photos on display starting December 1st through the New Year.  I absolutely love Ella’s: the coffee is tasty, the food is homemade and delicious, the atmosphere is calm and welcoming, and they care about the artists whose work they’re displaying.  Lowell itself is a lovely town, and not only have I lived there but I work just down the street from Ella’s at the Flat River Grille.  It’s a small, but tight-knit community that is absolutely charming and only 30 minutes east of Grand Rapids.

There will be a reception on Friday, December 16th from 5 to 8pm.  I hope you can make it because it will be an excellent chance to ask about the story behind the pictures or talk to me about other prints you might be interested in.  There will be some light refreshments available, and of course I recommend that afterwards you head down the street to the Flat River Grill for dinner!

What: Photos From A Broad’s First Show!
Where: Ella’s Cafe and Cuisine, 307 E Main St, Lowell, MI
When: Opening December 1st, Meet the Artist Reception Dec 16 5-8pm
Why: Because you like pictures from around the world and need a few more Christmas gifts!

Directions from Grand Rapids:
Option 1: Take M-6 east to I96 east to exit 52 to Lowell.  Turn left and drive 5-10 minutes to Lowell, making a right onto Main St.
Option 2: Take I196 to I96 east and get off on M21 (Fulton St) towards Lowell.  Follow this about 15 miles and it will become Main St.

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