Lifeguard Sort of On Duty

"Lifeguard Sort of On Duty", Western Australia

Storm Coming Through

"Storm Coming Through", Exmouth, Australia

1000 Cranes for a Wish

"1000 Cranes for a Wish", Phnom Penh, Cambodia

A School That Really Was a Prison

"A School That Really Was a Prison", Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Mask and Figurine

"Mask and Figurine", Battambang, Cambodia

My Shadow/Tour Guide

"My Shadow/Tour Guide", Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Shades of Gold

"Shades of Gold", Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Countless Candles

"Countless Candles", Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Standing on the Tracks

"Standing on the Tracks", Battambang, Cambodia

Behind the Taj Mahal

"Behind the Taj Mahal", Agra, India

Country Road

"Country Road", Khajuraho, India

Puppet Shop

"Puppet Shop", Udaipur, India

Wedding Procession

"Wedding Procession", Varanasi, India

Sunrise on Marble

"Sunrise on Marble", Agra, India

Temple in the Pasture

"Temple in the Pasture", Khajuraho, India

Street Art

"Street Art", Udaipur, India

Wet Flowers

"Wet Flowers", Udaipur, India

Indian Pride

"Indian Pride", Wagah, India/Pakistan

Menacing Pots

"Menacing Pots", Ajmer, India

Bracelet Chain

"Bracelet Chain", Ajmer, India

Fluorescent Pink Goddess

"Fluorescent Pink Goddess", Jodhpur, India

Skeleton in the Desert

"Skeleton in the Desert', Jaisalmer, India

Boy on a Ladder

"Boy on a Ladder", Rishikesh, India

Cast of Characters

"Cast of Characters", Java, Indonesia

Golden Puppets

"Golden Puppets", Java, Indonesia

Rickshaw Hubcaps

"Rickshaw Hubcaps", Java, Indonesia

Small Cat, Big Fish

"Small Cat, Big Fish", Pulau Weh, Indonesia

Weaving Ikat

"Weaving Ikat", Flores, Indonesia

The Demon Enters the Dance

"The Demon Enters the Dance", Bali, Indonesia

Fire Dance

"Fire Dance", Bali, Indonesia

Fire Dance 2

"Fire Dance 2", Bali, Indonesia

Silly Stone Faces

"Silly Stone Faces", Bali, Indonesia

Ruins and Rice Paddies

"Ruins and Rice Paddies", Java, Indonesia

Ready for Market

"Ready for Market", Flores, Indonesia

Funerary Sacrifices

"Funerary Sacrifices", Sulawesi, Indonesia

Reading the Family History

"Reading the Family History", Sulawesi, Indonesia

The Cemetery

"The Cemetery", Sulawesi, Indonesia

Smokes for the Afterlife

"Smokes for the Afterlife", Sulawesi, Indonesia

Models of the Dead

"Models of the Dead", Sulawesi, Indonesia

Communal Casket

"Communal Casket", Sulawesi, Indonesia

The Fish Farm

"The Fish Farm", Lombok, Indonesia

Bali Is My Life

"Bali Is My Life", Bali, Indonesia

Sit and Watch the World Go By

"Sit and Watch the World Go By", Sulawesi, Indonesia

Red Bottle Vases

"Red Bottle Vases", Borneo, Malaysia

Weathered Sign

"Weathered Sign", Penang, Malaysia

Not Much to Guard Against

"Not Much to Guard Against", Luang Namtha, Laos


"Hello", Pakse, Laos

Do You?

"Do You?", Ninh Binh, Laos

Nothing is Impossible

"Nothing is Impossible", Laos

Burmese Flyers

"Burmese Flyers", Mae Sot, Myanmar

Fire On Ice

"Fire And Ice", Singapore

Art Along Marina Bay

"Art Along Marina Bay", Singapore

Camel and Elephant Charms

"Camel and Elephant Charms", Singapore

Onward, Singapore!

"Onward, Singapore!", Singapore

National Day Fireworks Reflected

"National Day Fireworks Reflected", Singapore

Celebrating National Day

"Celebrating National Day", Singapore

Tamil Sand Art

"Tamil Sand Art", Singapore

Yellow Lantern

"Yellow Lantern", Singapore

Flower Garlands

"Flower Garlands", Little India, Singapore

Staples of the Asian Kitchen (collage)

"Staples of the Asian Kitchen (collage)", Dili, Timor-Leste

Staples of the Asian Kitchen (collage)

"Staples of the Asian Kitchen (collage)", Dili, Timor-Leste

Staples of the Asian Kitchen (collage)

"Staples of the Asian Kitchen (collage)", Dili, Timor-Leste

Bringing the Heat

"Bringing the Heat", Dili, Timor-Leste

Explosive Offerings

"Explosive Offerings", Phuket, Thailand

On Parade

"On Parade", Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

On Break

"On Break", Ninh Binh, Vietnam

No Hats or Shoes Inside, Please

"No Hats or Shoes Inside, Please", Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Produce Stand

"Produce Stand", Mekong Delta, Vietnam

Feeding the Fish

"Feeding the Fish", Mekong Delta, Vietnam

Waiting for Monsoon Season

"Waiting for Monsoon Season", Ninh Binh, Vietnam


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