Nature and Landscapes

Twelve Apostles

“Twelve Apostles”, Souther Australia

Twelve Apostles 2

“Twelve Apostles 2”, Southern Australia

Twelve Apostles 3

“Twelve Apostles 3”, Southern Australia

Cliffs on Southern Coast

“Cliffs on Southern Coast”, South Australia

Dragon in the Cave

“Dragon in the Cave”, Western Australia

The Pinnacles

“The Pinnacles”, Western Australia

Needles on the Ceiling

“Needles on the Ceiling”, Western Australia

Needles on the Ceiling 2

“Needles on the Ceiling 2”, Western Australia

Building a Stalagmite

“Building a Stalagmite”, Western Australia

Reflection in the Cave

“Reflection in the Cave”, Western Australia”The Pink Lake”, Western Australia

Blue Water and Skies

“Blue Water and Skies”, Western Australia

Twilight Sky

“Twilight Sky”, Sydney, Australia

Growing Together

“Growing Together”, Tasmania

House by the Pond

“House by the Pond”, Tasmania

Above the Canopy

“Above the Canopy”, Blue Mountains, Australia


“Wildflowers”, New South Wales, Australia

On the Beach

“On the Beach”, Tasmania, Australia

Purple Berries

“Purple Berries”, Southern Australia

Sunset Over a Pink Lake

“Sunset Over a Pink Lake”, Western Australia

Mineral Deposit at Pink Lake

“Mineral Deposit at Pink Lake”, Western Australia

Green, Pink, Purple, Blue, White

“Green, Pink, Purple, Blue, White”, Western Australia

Sunset at the Edge of the Country

“Sunset at the Edge of the Country”, Western Australia

Light Show in the Cave

“Light Show in the Cave”, Blue Mountains, Australia

Shawls on the Ceiling

“Shawls on the Ceiling”, Blue Mountains, Australia

Riding the Fast Boat

“Riding the Fast Boat”, Brunei

Abandoned Boat

“Abandoned Boat”, Siem Reap, Cambodia

View From the Temple

“View From the Temple”, Battambang, Cambodia

Fractured Sunrise

“Fractured Sunrise”, Udaipur, India

Fractured Sunrise 2

“Fractured Sunrise 2”, Udaipur, India

Moon in a Blue and Red Sky

“Moon in a Blue and Red Sky”, Jaisalmer, India

Desert Sand

“Desert Sand”, Jaisalmer, India

Reflection on the Ganges

“Reflection on the Ganges”, Rishikesh, India

Sunset--Thar Desert

“Sunset–Thar Desert”, Jaisalmer, India

Rice Paddies Below the Mountains

“Rice Paddies Below the Mountains”, Flores, Indonesia

Rice Paddies Below the Mountains 2

“Rice Paddies Below the Mountains 2”, Flores, Indonesia


“Dreamland”, Bali, Indonesia

Waves on the Coast

“Waves on the Coast”, Bali, Indonesia

Top of the Tree

“Top of the Tree”, Bali, Indonesia

Blue Stone Beach

“Blue Stone Beach”, Flores, Indonesia

Nine-level Waterfall

“Nine-level Waterfall”, Sulawesi, Indonesia

Trees in the Mist

“Trees in the Mist”, Java, Indonesia

Sun Through the Palm

“Sun Through the Palm”, Sumatra, Indonesia

Gunung Bromo

“Gunung Bromo”, Java, Indonesia

Mount Kinabalu

“Mount Kinabalu”, Borneo, Malaysia

Summit of Mt. Kinabalu

“Summit of Mt. Kinabalu”, Borneo, Malaysia

Summit of Mt. Kinabalu 2

“Summit of Mt. Kinabalu 2”, Borneo, Malaysia

Summit of Mt. Kinabalu 3

“Summit of Mt. Kinabalu 3”, Borneo, Malaysia


“Cairns”, Borneo, Malaysia

Through the Branches

“Through the Branches”, Borneo, Malaysia

Fragile Threads

“Fragile Threads”, Borneo, Malaysia

Dew on Purple Leaves

“Dew on Purple Leaves”, Borneo, Malaysia

Green Curls

“Green Curls”, Borneo, Malayisa

Brightest Color at the Summit

“Brightest Color at the Summit”, Mt Kinabalu, Malaysia

The Tallest Tree

“The Tallest Tree”, Borneo, Malaysia

Water on Cave Ceiling

“Water on Cave Ceiling”, Vang Vieng, Laos

Water on Cave Ceiling 2

“Water on Cave Ceiling 2”, Vang Vieng, Laos

Looking Out From the Village

“Looking Out From the Village”, Luang Namtha, Laos

Morning Fog Lifting

“Morning Fog Lifting”, Ninh Binh, Laos

Just About to Rain

“Just About to Rain”, Luang Namtha, Laos

Day's End in Dili

“Day’s End in Dili”, Dili, Timor-Leste

The Northern Coast

“The Northern Coast”, Dili, Timor-Leste

Back Bay of the North Coast

“Back Bay of the North Coast”, Dili, Timor-Leste

Gold Sky and Water

“Gold Sky and Water”, Dili, Timor-Leste

Rocky Coast

“Rocky Coast”, Dili, Timor-Leste

Tide Heading Out

“Tide Heading Out”, Dili, Timor-Leste

Lotus Bouquet

“Lotus Bouquet”, Bangkok, Thailand

Road Through the Hills

“Road Through the Hills”, Northern Thailand

Village in the Hills

“Village in the Hills”, Northern Thailand

Narrow Waterfall

“Narrow Waterfall”, Northern Thailand

A Cloudy Day

“A Cloudy Day”, Northern Thailand

Clouds Reflected

“Clouds Reflected”, Northern Thailand

Clouds Reflected 2

“Clouds Reflected 2”, Northern Thailand

Cloud on Clouds

“Cloud on Clouds”, Northern Thailand

Piles of Produce

“Piles of Produce”, Bangkok, Thailand

View From a Motorcycle

“View From a Motorcycle”, Northern Thailand

The Grass Hut

“The Grass Hut”, Northern Thailand

Young Trees

“Young Trees”, Krabi, Thailand

Floating Lotuses

“Floating Lotuses”, Bangkok, Thailand

Purple Lotus

“Purple Lotus”, Bangkok, Thailand

Flying into Phuket

“Flying into Phuket”, Thailand

Flying Into Phuket 2

“Flying Into Phuket 2”, Thailand

Sunset Over the Island

“Sunset Over the Island”, Ko Phi Phi, Thailand

Golden Sunset

“Golden Sunset”, Ko Phi Phi, Thailand

Golden Sunset 2

“Golden Sunset 2”, Ko Phi Phi, Thailand

Golden Sunset Detail

“Golden Sunset Detail”, Ko Phi Phi, Thailand

Penguin on the Beach

“Penguin on the Beach”, Danang, Vietnam

Orange Sunset

“Orange Sunset”, Kon Tum, Vietnam

Pink Blossoms

“Pink Blossoms”, Hoi An, Vietnam

Karsts in the Distance

“Karsts in the Distance”, Ninh Binh, Vietnam

Rice Fields in the Valley

“Rice Fields in the Valley”, Ninh Binh, Vietnam


3 responses to “Nature and Landscapes

  1. “Reflections in a Cave” reminds me of a Doolittle print. “Dreamland” is luscious.

  2. You have some excellent images in this grouping! You have a tender eye for nature which is quite a gift. – Chief Bohemian

    • lcmonty

      Thanks, Chris! That’s really nice to hear, especially coming from someone with so much experience. I really do love being outdoors and hope that I can capture what makes it so special and worth protecting.

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