Lighter Side

One Cute Kanga

“One Cute Kanga”, Tasmania

Awkward Adolescent

“Awkward Adolescent”, Tasmania, Australia

Muslim Courtship Dance

“Muslim Courtship Dance”, Siem Reap, Cambodia

Two Little Monkeys

“Two Little Monkeys”, Siem Reap, Cambodia

Cambodian Bingo

“Cambodian Bingo”, Battambang, Cambodia

A Big Smile for a Little Girl

“A Big Smile for a Little Girl”, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

The Goat's New Clothes

“The Goat’s New Clothes”, Agra, India

Horn Please

“Horn Please”, Delhi, India

Proud of his Goat

“Proud of his Goat”, Delhi, India

Nice Weather for a Nap

“Nice Weather for a Nap”, Udaipur, India

Dancing on the Border

“Dancing on the Border”, Wagah, India

Peeping Tom

“Peeping Tom”, Jaisalmer, India

A Crooked Grin

“A Crooked Grin”, Ajmer, India

Private Conversation

“Private Conversation”, Khajuraho, India

Pearcing Services

“Pearcing Services”, Udaipur, India

The Proud Fishmonger

“The Proud Fishmonger”, Ajmer, India

Waiting For What?

“Waiting For What?”, Rishikesh, India

Sights Set on the Beach

“Sights Set on the Beach”, Gili Trawangan, Indonesia

Happily He Wallows

“Happily He Wallows”, Sulawesi, Indonesia

Small Cat, Big Fish

“Small Cat, Big Fish”, Pulau Weh, Indonesia

Three Passenger Motorcycle

“Three Passenger Motorcycle”, West Timor, Indonesia

A Monkey on a Monkey

“A Monkey on a Monkey”, Bali, Indonesia

Chuckling Statue

“Chuckling Statue”, Lombok, Indonesia

Someone's Missing Underpants

“Someone’s Missing Underpants”, Flores, Indonesia

Ipoh's Odd Couple

“Ipoh’s Odd Couple”, Ipoh, Malaysia

Baby's Learning Quickly

“Baby’s Learning Quickly”, Borneo, Malaysia

Just Another Bad Monkey

“Just Another Bad Monkey”, Ipoh, Malaysia

Confusing Graffiti

“Confusing Graffiti”, Kota Bahru, Malaysia

Really They're More Afraid of You

“Really They’re More Afraid of You”, Langkawi, Malaysia

A Big Dive

“A Big Dive”, Ninh Binh, Laos

Do You?

“Do You?”, Ninh Binh, Laos

Unhappy Babysitter

“Unhappy Babysitter”, Tha Kek, Laos

No Seatbelts? No Problem!

“No Seatbelts? No Problem!”, Tha Kek, Laos

Learning to Walk

“Learning to Walk”, Luang Namtha, Laos

He Did It!

“He Did It!”, Luang Namtha, Laos

A No Good, Very Bad Day

“A No Good, Very Bad Day”, Singapore

The Biggest Smile

“The Biggest Smile”, Dili, Timor-Leste

Public Transit for $.25

“Public Transit for $.25”, Dili, Timor-Leste

You Want Heart? You Want Cigarette?

“You Want Heart? You Want Cigarette?”, Dili, Timor-Leste

Not Really Into It

“Not Really Into It”, Phuket, Thailand

Ready for More Bananas

“Ready for More Bananas”, Chiang Rai, Thailand

Songkran Kids

“Songkran Kids”, Phuket, Thailand

Songkran Kids 2

“Songkran Kids 2”, Phuket, Thailand

Songkran Kids 3

“Songkran Kids 3”, Phuket, Thailand

The Rooster Gang

“The Rooster Gang”, Ayyuthaya, Thailand

Bored at Work

“Bored at Work”, Chiang Mai, Thailand

The Cheerful Buddha

“The Cheerful Buddha”, Phuket, Thailand

Impromptu Nap

“Impromptu Nap”, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Hitching a Ride

“Hitching a Ride”, Hue, Vietnam

Hitching a Ride 2

“Hitching a Ride 2”, Hue, Vietnam

Clinton Ate Here! You Like!

“Clinton Ate Here! You Like!”, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Outside the Temple

“Outside the Temple”, My Tho, Vietnam

Playtime with Dad

“Playtime with Dad”, Mekong Delta, Vietnam

Making a Sale

“Making a Sale”, Mekong Delta, Vietnam

Good Comrade!

“Good Comrade!”, Hoi An, Vietnam


“Freeloader”, Hoi An, Vietnam

The Happy Dragon

“The Happy Dragon”, Danang, Vietnam

Duck Delivery

“Duck Delivery”, Central Vietnam

The Low Hammock

“The Low Hammock”, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

A Delicate Job

“A Delicate Job”, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Mass Transit

“Mass Transit”, Kon Tum, Vietnam

Unhappy in a Tree

“Unhappy in a Tree”, Kon Tum, Vietnam

Help From a Friend

“Help From a Friend”, Kon Tum, Vietnam

Accessorized, but Unexcited

“Accessorized, but Unexcited”, Ninh Binh, Vietnam


2 responses to “Lighter Side

  1. My favorite? “Just another Bad Monkey.” Is one leading the other into temptation or is one trying to lead the other OUT? 😛

    • lcmonty

      Ha, neither! They were both just kind of sitting there! I have no idea what kind of game they were playing, but neither one was very energetic.

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