Holy Places


“Crucifixion”, Melbourne, Australia

St. Patrick's Cathedral

“St. Patrick’s Cathedral”, Melbourne, Australia

Church Roof

“Church Roof”, Melbourne, Australia

Omar Mosque (Day)

“Omar Mosque (Day)”, Brunei

Omar Mosque (Dusk)

“Omar Mosque (Dusk)”, Brunei

Omar Mosque (Day) 2

“Omar Mosque (Day) 2”, Brunei

Omar Mosque (Dusk) 2

“Omar Mosque (Dusk) 2”, Brunei

Omar Mosque (Night)

“Omar Mosque (Night), Brunei

Monks at Angkor Wat

“Monks at Angkor Wat”, Siem Reap, Cambodia

The Dancing God

“The Dancing God”, Siem Reap, Cambodia

Dancing God Detail

“Dancing God Detail”, Siem Reap, Cambodia

Faces of Angkor

“Faces of Angkor”, Siem Reap, Cambodia

Angkor Wat Reflected

“Angkor Wat Reflected”, Siem Reap, Cambodia

Sunrise Over Angkor

“Sunrise Over Angkor”, Siem Reap, Cambodia

Faces of Bayon

“Faces of Bayon”, Siem Reap, Cambodia

Stone Faced

“Stone Faced”, Siem Reap, Cambodia

The Tree Over the Temple

“The Tree Over the Temple”, Siem Reap, Cambodia

Just Keeps Growing

“Just Keeps Growing”, Siem Reap, Cambodia

Slow Reclamation

“Slow Reclamation”, Siem Reap, Cambodia

Light Through the Window

“Light Through the Window”, Siem Reap, Cambodia

Stratified Temple

“Stratified Temple”, Siem Reap, Cambodia

Stone Attendants

“Stone Attendants”, Battambang, Cambodia

White Buddha

“White Buddha”, Battambang, Cambodia

Temple Flags

“Temple Flags”, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Taj Before Dawn

“Taj Before Dawn”, Agra, India

Taj Before Dawn 2

“Taj Before Dawn 2”, Agra,India

Taj at Sunrise

“Taj at Sunrise, Agra, India

Taj Reflected at Dawn

“Taj Reflected at Dawn”, Agra, India

Taj at Sunrise

“Taj at Sunrise”, Agra, India

Taj at Sunrise 2

“Taj at Sunrise 2”, Agra, India

Sunset Over the Ganges

“Sunset Over the Ganges”, Rishikesh, India

Lotus Temple

“Lotus Temple”, Delhi, India

Lotus Temple 2

“Lotus Temple 2”, Delhi, India

Temple Repairs

“Temple Repairs”, Khajuraho, India

Temple Spire

“Temple Spire”, Khajuraho, India

Remains of the Erotic Temples

“Remains of the Erotic Temples”, Khajuraho, India

Temple Carvings

“Temple Carvings”, Khajuraho, India

Brown and White Temple Spires

“Brown and White Temple Spires”, Khajuraho, India

Sikh Golden Temple

“Sikh Golden Temple”, Amritsar, India

Golden Reflection

“Golden Reflection”, Amritsar, India

Bath by the Temple

“Bath by the Temple”, Amritsar, India

Temple and Flags

“Temple and Flags”, Jodhpur, India

Golden Reflection at Night

“Golden Reflection at Night”, Amritsar, India

Temple Ceiling

“Temple Ceiling”, Jaisalmer, India

Offerings on the Altar

“Offerings on the Altar”, Jaisalmer, India

Demon Above the Temple Door

“Demon Above the Temple Door”, Lombok, Indonesia

Hindu Shrine

“Hindu Shrine”, Lombok, Indonesia

The Cat and the Dragon

“The Cat and the Dragon”, Lombok, Indonesia

Stone Priests

“Stone Priests”, Lombok, Indonesia

Grey Priest in a Pink Bandana

“Grey Priest in a Pink Bandana”, Lombok, Indonesia

Well-Dressed Monkey God

“Well-Dressed Monkey God”, Bali, Indonesia

Dancing Temple Guardian

“Dancing Temple Guardian”, Bali, Indonesia

Daily Offering

“Daily Offering”, Bali, Indonesia

Temple Gate and Guardians

“Temple Gate and Guardians”, Lombok, Indonesia

Pile of Offerings

“Pile of Offerings”, Bali, Indonesia

Tiered Roofs

“Tiered Roofs”, Lombok, Indonesia

Row of Dragons

“Row of Dragons”, Lombok, Indonesia

Temple Door

“Temple Door”, Lombok, Indonesia

Watchdog is Tired

“Watchdog is Tired”, Lombok, Indonesia

Chuckling Statue

“Chuckling Statue”, Lombok, Indonesia

Three Statue Fountain

“Three Statue Fountain”, Bali, Indonesia

Temple in the Mountains

“Temple in the Mountains”, Bali, Indonesia

Looking Out Over the Shrines

“Looking Out Over the Shrines”, Bali, Indonesia

Temple On the Water

“Temple On the Water”, Bali, Indonesia

Temple Lanterns

“Temple Lanterns”, Penang, Malaysia

Roof Decorations

“Roof Decorations”, Penang, Malaysia

Taoist Symbols and Family Banners

“Taoist Symbols and Family Banners”, Penang, Malaysia

Tri-colored Roof

“Tri-colored Roof”, Penang, Malaysia

Golden God with Spear

“Golden God with Spear”, Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

Punishing the Wicked

“Punishing the Wicked”, Ipoh, Malaysia

One Happy Statue

“One Happy Statue”, Ipoh, Malaysia

Roof Decorations 2

“Roof Decorations 2”, Melaka, Malaysia

The Pink Lantern

“The Pink Lantern”, Melaka, Malaysia

Lord Muruga

“Lord Muruga”, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Mosque of Silver and Gold

“Mosque of Silver and Gold”, Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

Mosque of Silver and Gold 2

“Mosque of Silver and Gold 2”, Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

On the Temple Roof

“On the Temple Roof”, Borneo, Malaysia

Weathered Buddha

“Weathered Buddha”, Vientiane, Laos”Gold Temple, Blue Sky”, Luang Prabang, Laos

Temple and Shrine

“Temple and Shrine”, Luang Prabang, Laos

On the Temple Walls

“On the Temple Walls”, Luang Prabang, Laos

Blue Demon Family

“Blue Demon Family”, Singapore

Gold Altar Detail

“Gold Altar Detail”, Singapore

Calligraphy on Tapestry

“Calligraphy on Tapestry”, Singapore

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple

“Buddha Tooth Relic Temple”, Singapore

Tooth Relic Temple Pagodas

“Tooth Relic Temple Pagodas”, Singapore

One Thousand Hands

“One Thousand Hands”, Singapore

The High Altar

“The High Altar”, Singapore

Temple Door and Garland

“Temple Door and Garland”, Singapore

Welcoming Party

“Welcoming Party”, Singapore

Sashes and Garlands

“Sashes and Garlands”, Singapore

Golden Spires

“Golden Spires”, Luang Prabang, Laos

Silver Buddha

“Silver Buddha”, Vientiane, Laos

Invitations to Prayer

“Invitations to Prayer”, Ko Pha Ngan, Thailand

Little Buddhas, In a Row

“Little Buddhas, In a Row”, Singapore

Looking Up at the Temple

“Looking Up at the Temple”, Chinatown, Singapore

Buddhas and Flags

“Buddhas and Flags”, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Mountain Temple

“Mountain Temple”, Mae Hong Son, Thailand

Mountain Temple Roof

“Mountain Temple Roof”, Mae Hong Son, Thailand

Mountain Temple 2

“Mountain Temple 2”, Mae Hong Son, Thailand

Elaborate Temple Steeple

“Elaborate Temple Steeple”, Mae Hong Son, Thailand

Outside the Temple

“Outside the Temple”, Mae Hong Son, Thailand

Goateed Guardian

“Goateed Guardian”, Mae Hong Son, Thailand

Demon and the Pink Paper Platform

“Demon and the Pink Paper Platform”, Mae Hong Son, Thailand

Shaded Buddha

“Shaded Buddha”, Northern Thailand

Temple and Garden

“Temple and Garden”, Northern Thailand

Sister Temples

“Sister Temples”, Bangkok, Thailand

Face of the Dragon

“Face of the Dragon”, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Gold Buddha, Silver Leaves

“Gold Buddha, Silver Leaves”, Bangkok, Thailand

Temple in the Sky

“Temple in the Sky”, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Stone Temple and Flags

“Stone Temple and Flags”, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Guardian Snakes

“Guardian Snakes”, Chiang Mai, Thailand

The White Temple

“The White Temple”, Northern Thailand

Face of the White Temple

“Face of the White Temple”, Northern Thailand

The White Temple 3

“The White Temple 3”, Northern Thailand

White Temple Detail

“White Temple Detail”, Northern Thailand

Stone Temple

“Stone Temple”, Ayyuthaya,Thailand

Row of Buddhas

“Row of Buddhas”, Ayyuthaya, Thailand

Grand Stone Temple

“Grand Stone Temple”, Ayyuthaya, Thailand

Statue Ruins

“Statue Ruins”, Ayyuthaya, Thailand

Buddha in the Tree

“Buddha in the Tree”, Ayyuthaya, Thailand

Christian Graves

“Christian Graves”, Ayyuthaya, Thailand

Elephant Tour

“Elephant Tour”, Ayyuthaya, Thailand

Central White Temple

“Central White Temple”, Ayyuthaya, Thailand

Orange and Gold Robes

“Orange and Gold Robes”, Phuket, Thailand

Yellow Candles

“Yellow Candles”, Phuket, Thailand

Prayer Flags

“Prayer Flags”, Phuket, Thailand

The Cheerful Buddha

“The Cheerful Buddha”, Phuket, Thailand

Back of the Buddha

“Back of the Buddha”, Phuket, Thailand

Guardian with Sword

“Guardian with Sword”, Bangkok, Thailand

Guarding the Spires

“Guarding the Spires”, Bangkok, Thailand

Temple Walls

“Temple Walls”, Bangkok, Thailand

Courtyard Mural

“Courtyard Mural”, Bangkok, Thailand

Hall of Columns

“Hall of Columns”, Bangkok, Thailand

Courtyard Mural 2

“Courtyard Mural 2”, Bangkok, Thailand

Peak of the Golden Temple

“Peak of the Golden Temple”, Bangkok, Thailand

Spires in the Sky

“Spires in the Sky”, Bangkok, Thailand

Emerald Buddha's Feet

“Emerald Buddha’s Feet”, Bangkok, Thailand

Snake Friends

“Snake Friends”, Bangkok, Thailand

Monks in the Temple

“Monks in the Temple”, Bangkok, Thailand

Evening Service

“Evening Service”, Bangkok, Thailand

Black and Gold Buddhas

“Black and Gold Buddhas”, Bangkok, Thailand

Temple Spires

“Temple Spires”, Bangkok, Thailand

Thai Tiles

“Thai Tiles”, Bangkok, Thailand

Down the Corridor

“Down the Corridor”, Bangkok, Thailand

Demon Stare-Down

“Demon Stare-Down”, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Figures on the Roof

“Figures on the Roof”, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Figures on the Roof 2

“Figures on the Roof 2”, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Mosaic Birds

“Mosaic Birds”, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Incense and Standards

“Incense and Standards”, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

The Emerald Teple Roof

“The Emerald Teple Roof”, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Wooden Statues

“Wooden Statues”, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

The Bare Hall

“The Bare Hall”, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Wooden Statues 2

“Wooden Statues 2”, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Wooden Warrior

“Wooden Warrior”, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Lotus Lamps

“Lotus Lamps”, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Prayer Candles

“Prayer Candles”, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Walking on Flames

“Walking on Flames”, My Tho, Vietnam

Four Religions, Four Priests

“Four Religions, Four Priests”, My Tho, Vietnam

Cao Dai Temple

“Cao Dai Temple”, My Tho, Vietnam

Blue Skin, Red Robe

“Blue Skin, Red Robe”, Hoi An, Vietnam

The Mountain Altar

“The Mountain Altar”, Ninh Binh, Vietnam

Church in the Countryside

“Church in the Countryside”, Northern Vietnam

The French-Vietnamese Church

“The French-Vietnamese Church”, Northern Vietnam

Main Gate of the Church

“Main Gate of the Church”, Ninh Binh, Vietnam

In the Wooden Church

“In the Wooden Church”, Kon Tum, Vietnam

At Prayer

“At Prayer”, Kon Tum, Vietnam

Apostle Yoan

“Apostle Yoan”, Kon Tum, Vietnam


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