Cities and Villages

Graffiti Street

“Graffiti Street”, Melbourne, Australia

Christmas on the Street

“Christmas on the Street”, Melbourne, Australia

Until Never

“Until Never”, Melbourne, Australia

Shrine of Rememberance

“Shrine of Rememberance”, Melbourne, Australia

Queen Victoria Building

“Queen Victoria Building”, Sydney, Australia

Opera House Detail

“Opera House Detail”, Sydney, Australia

Australian War Memorial

“Australian War Memorial”, Canberra, Australia

NYE 2010

“NYE 2010”, Sydney, Australia

Fireworks, NYE 2010

“Fireworks, NYE 2010”, Sydney, Australia

Even the School Floats

“Even the School Floats”, Tonle Sap, Cambodia

Qutb Minar

“Qutb Minar”, Delhi, India

Candy Colored Houses

“Candy Colored Houses”, Varanasi, India

View Along the Ghats

“View Along the Ghats”, Varanasi, India

Broken Carvings

“Broken Carvings”, Delhi, India

Qutb Minar Arch

“Qutb Minar Arch”, Delhi, India

Sunrise On the Ghats

“Sunrise On the Ghats”, Varanasi, India

Lodi Gardens

“Lodi Gardens”, Delhi, India

Horn Please

“Horn Please”, Delhi, India

Worn, Blue Shutters

“Worn, Blue Shutters”, Udaipur, India

In the Red Fort

“In the Red Fort”, Delhi, India

Fractured Sunrise

“Fractured Sunrise”, Udaipur, India

Red Sari Drying

“Red Sari Drying”, Udaipur, India

Royal Cenotaphs

“Royal Cenotaphs”, Udaipur, India

Royal Cenotaphs 2

“Royal Cenotaphs 2”, Udaipur, India

Guardian of the Cenotaph

“Guardian of the Cenotaph”, Udaipur, India

Blue Tile Arch

“Blue Tile Arch”, Delhi, India

Rainbow Tile Arch

“Rainbow Tile Arch”, Delhi, India

The Way Up

“The Way Up”, Delhi, India

Stained Glass Window

“Stained Glass Window”, Udaipur, India

Boat Ride Around the Castle

“Boat Ride Around the Castle”, Udaipur, India

The Blue Door

“The Blue Door”, Udaipur, India

Orange Lights, White Stone

“Orange Lights, White Stone”, Udaipur, India

Golden City

“Golden City”, Udaipur, India

Gold Light, Tree Silhouette

“Gold Light, Tree Silhouette”, Udaipur, India

A Light on in the Fort

“A Light on in the Fort”, Jaisalmer, India

Blue Walls, Brown Windows

“Blue Walls, Brown Windows”, Udaipur, India

Blue's Not Just for Brahmans Anymore

“Blue’s Not Just for Brahmans Anymore”, Jodhpur, India

Goods in the Market

“Goods in the Market”, Western India

Oinlassi Market

“Oinlassi Market”, West Timor, Indonesia


“Rantepao”, Sulawesi, Indonesia

Rice Barns of Rantepao

“Rice Barns of Rantepao”, Sulawesi, Indonesia

Rice Barns in Rantepao 2

“Rice Barns in Rantepao 2”, Sulawesi, Indonesia

Record of Sacrifices Made

“Record of Sacrifices Made”, Sulawesi, Indonesia

Sunny Days in Sulawesi

“Sunny Days in Sulawesi”, Sulawesi, Indonesia

Sunny Days in Sulawesi 2

“Sunny Days in Sulawesi 2”, Sulawesi, Indonesia

Quail Egg Tarts

“Quail Egg Tarts”, Java, Indonesia

Prettiest House in Town

“Prettiest House in Town”, Flores, Indonesia

Love Hate Love

“Love Hate Love”, Java, Indonesia

Javanese Ghost Town

“Javanese Ghost Town”, Java, Indonesia

Ipoh's Odd Couple

“Ipoh’s Odd Couple”, Ipoh, Malaysia

Old Shophouse

“Old Shophouse”, Penang, Malaysia

Colorful Shophouses

“Colorful Shophouses”, Penang, Malaysia

Rickshaw Off-Duty

“Rickshaw Off-Duty”, Penang, Malaysia

Colonial Influence

“Colonial Influence”, Penang, Malaysia

Old Tacky, New Tacky

“Old Tacky, New Tacky”, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Confusing Graffiti

“Confusing Graffiti”, Kota Bahru, Malaysia

Petronas Towers in Daylight

“Petronas Towers in Daylight”, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Petronas Towers in Daylight 2

“Petronas Towers in Daylight 2″, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia”Petronas Towers at Dusk”, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Petronas Towers at Dusk

“Petronas Towers at Dusk”, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Petronas Towers at Night

“Petronas Towers at Night”, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Petronas Towers at Night 2

“Petronas Towers at Night 2”, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Village in the Valley

“Village in the Valley”, Nong Khiaw, Laos

Village in the Valley 2

“Village in the Valley 2”, Nong Khiaw, Laos

Village in the Hills

“Village in the Hills”, Luang Namtha, Laos

The Family Home

“The Family Home”, Luang Namtha, Laos

Playing with Her Toys

“Playing with Her Toys”, Luang Namtha, Laos

Not Much to Guard Against

“Not Much to Guard Against”, Luang Namtha, Laos

Teenage Girl Building Her Hut

“Teenage Girl Building Her Hut”, Luang Namtha, Laos

Spicy Temptation Steamboat

“Spicy Temptation Steamboat”, Singapore

Yellow and Purple Shophouses

“Yellow and Purple Shophouses”, Singapore

Esplanade Detail

“Esplanade Detail”, Singapore

City Hall Station

“City Hall Station”, Singapore


“Elevators”, Singapore

Wave Bridge

“Wave Bridge”, Singapore

Wave Bridge Wall

“Wave Bridge Wall”, Singapore

The Red Stairs

“The Red Stairs”, Arab Street, Singapore

Three Sad Women

“Three Sad Women”, Arab Street, Singapore

Bugis Junction

“Bugis Junction”, Singapore

Bugis Junction Detail

“Bugis Junction Detail”, Singapore

Flowers and More

“Flowers and More”, Little India, Singapore


“Accessorize”, Singapore

Audio Army

“Audio Army”, Singapore

Audio Army 2

“Audio Army 2”, Singapore

Art Under Your Feet

“Art Under Your Feet”, Singapore

City as Art

“City as Art”, Perth, Australia

After the War

“After the War”, Dili, Timor-Leste

Public Transit for $.25

“Public Transit for $.25”, Dili, Timor-Leste

Still Rebuilding the Capitol

“Still Rebuilding the Capitol”, Dili, Timor-Leste

Timorese Grocery Store

“Timorese Grocery Store”, Dili, Timor-Leste

National Day Fireworks 3

“National Day Fireworks 3”, Singapore

Weathered Roof Tiles

“Weathered Roof Tiles”, Northern Thailand

Cooking Class

“Cooking Class”, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Tea Shop

“Tea Shop”, Northern Thailand

Neon Signs

“Neon Signs”, Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok by Night

“Bangkok by Night”, Bangkok, Thailand

Golden Clocktower

“Golden Clocktower”, Chiang Rai Thailand

Golden Clocktower 2

“Golden Clocktower 2”, Chiang Rai, Thailand

Day's End at the Port

“Day’s End at the Port”, Ko Pha Ngan, Thailand

Colorful Roofs

“Colorful Roofs”, Bangkok, Thailand

The Light Show

“The Light Show”, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Getting Away from the Parents

“Getting Away from the Parents”, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Ready to Go

“Ready to Go”, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

A Delicate Job

“A Delicate Job”, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Darkness Falls

“Darkness Falls”, Hoi An, Vietnam

Traditional Remedies

“Traditional Remedies”, Hoi An, Vietnam

Traditional Remedies 2

“Traditional Remedies 2”, Hoi An, Vietnam

Through the Shop Window

“Through the Shop Window”, Hoi An, Vietnam

Vendors in the Market

“Vendors in the Market”, Mekong Delta, Vietnam

The Old Bridge

“The Old Bridge”, Hoi An, Vietnam

Closed for Lunch

“Closed for Lunch”, Hoi An, Vietnam

Getting Ready to Close

“Getting Ready to Close”, Mekong Delta, Vietnam

Playtime with Dad

“Playtime with Dad”, Mekong Delta, Vietnam

Giatui Laundry

“Giatui Laundry”, Hoi An, Vietnam

Store Sign

“Store Sign”, Hoi An, Vietnam

View From the Roof

“View From the Roof”, Hoi An, Vietnam

Floating Market

Floating Market, Mekong Delta, Vietnam

Electrical Danger

“Electrical Danger”, Kon Tum, Vietnam

Marketing Scheme

“Marketing Scheme”, Kon Tum, Vietnam

Mass Transit

“Mass Transit”, Kon Tum, Vietnam

A Little Help From a Friend

“A Little Help From a Friend”, Kon Tum, Vietnam

Floating Market 3

“Floating Market 3”, Mekong Delta, Vietnam

Making A Sale

“Making A Sale”, Mekong Delta, Vietnam

Floating Market 2

Floating Market 2, Mekong Delta, Vietnam

For Sale
For Sale, Mekong Delta, Vietnam


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