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Country on Sale: VIETNAM

Periodically I’m going to run a special deal on prints taken in the country I was traveling in at that time one year earlier.

THIS MONTH’S FEATURED COUNTRY: VIETNAM–10% off all prints of photos taken in Vietnam!

The final country on my visit, I feel like I was running frantically trying to see as much as possible in my final 3 weeks of travel.  I wish I had seen Halong Bay and a few other places, but going through the Central Plateaus and out to tiny towns like Ninh Binh were a wonderful look at life in this country.  Ho Chi Minh was a delight and I was certainly challenged in my views on America’s relationship with this part of the world.  Despite a vicious motorcycle accident, I have nothing but fond feelings towards this quickly-developing country.

Two of my favorites:

Chinese Fortunes

The Store Window


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