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Country on Sale: THAILAND

Periodically I’m going to run a special deal on prints taken in the country I was traveling in at that time one year earlier.

THIS MONTH’S FEATURED COUNTRY: THAILAND–10% off all prints of photos taken in Thailand!

Thailand was an interesting country to travel through, and one that I spent more time in than most others.  I found it to be more touristy than places like Indonesia and Malaysia, which might explain why the Thai people seemed a bit less friendly than the people of other countries I’ve visited.  But the culture was enchanting and the beaches and parties were actually a welcome change of pace, at least for a time!  It’s a huge country, so I didn’t get as far into the heart of it as I would have liked, but some experiences, like the week I spent touring the north on a motorcycle, got me far away enough from tourists to feel like I’d really seen the true Thailand.

Two of my favorites:

Guardian Snakes

Paper Lanterns


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