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Country on Sale: CAMBODIA

Periodically I’m going to run a special deal on prints taken in the country I was traveling in at that time one year earlier.

THIS MONTH’S FEATURED COUNTRY: CAMBODIA–10% off all prints of photos taken in Cambodia!

Cambodia was a confusing country.  Extremely poor, I was constantly haggling over prices and thwarting children trying to separate me from every dollar bill I carried.  It got to be exhausting, but then I would see Siem Reap at sunrise and meet orphans whose parents had been killed by landmines left over from the Vietnam War.  Experiences like these made created lots of conflicting emotions and memories.  The crude roads made it difficult to get out of the areas most tourists flocked to, so I still feel like there’s a whole side of Cambodia I have yet to see.

Two of my favorites:

Angkor Wat at Sunrise 2

Monks Collecting the Day’s Food


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