"Koala Family"

“Koala Family”, Tasmania

Koala Family 2

“Koala Family 2”, Tasmania

Peacock on Display

“Peacock on Display”, Tasmania

Peacock Tail

“Peacock Tail”, Tasmania

Curious Joey

“Curious Joey”, Tasmania

One Cute Kanga

“One Cute Kanga”, Tasmania

Quokka Family

“Quokka Family”, Western Australia

Kangaroo Collage, Pt 1

“Kangaroo Collage, Pt 1”, Tasmania

Kangaroo Collage, Pt 2

“Kangaroo Collage, Pt 2”, Tasmania

Kangaroo Collage, Pt 3

“Kangaroo Collage, Pt 3”, Tasmania

Hiding Under the Altar

“Hiding Under the Altar”, Battambang, Cambodia

The Giant Moth

“The Giant Moth”, Battambang, Cambodia

The Goat on the Ghat

“the Goat on the Ghat”, Varanasi, India

The Butterfly

“The Butterfly”, Agra, India

The Goat's New Clothes

“The Goat’s New Clothes”, Agra, India

Calf and Purple Rocks

“Calf and Purple Rocks”, Khajuraho, India

A Crooked Grin

“A Crooked Grin”, Ajmer, India

Camel Ride

“Camel Ride”, Jaisalmer, India

Curious Passerby

“Curious Passerby”, Udaipur, India

Peeping Tom

“Peeping Tom”, Jaisalmer, India

Peeping Tom 2

“Peeping Tom 2”, Jaisalmer, India

Waiting For Something

“Waiting for Something”, Rishikesh, India

Small Cat, Big Fish

“Small Cat, Big Fish”, Pulau Weh, Indonesia

A Monkey on a Monkey

“A Monkey On A Monkey”, Bali, Indonesia

Beware, He Bites

“Beware, He Bites”, Sulawesi, Indonesia

Beware, He Bites 2

“Beware, He Bites 2”, Sulawesi, Indonesia

Happily He Wallows

“Happily He Wallows”, Sulawesi, Indonesia

Sixty Foot Welcome to the Park

“Sixty Foot Welcome to the Park”, Sulawesi, Indonesia

Noisier Than He Looks

“Noisier Than He Looks”, Borneo, Malaysia

A True Ginger

“A True Ginger”, Borneo, Malaysia

Baby's Learning Quickly

“Baby’s Learning Quickly”, Borneo, Malaysia

Ready for a Nap

“Ready for a Nap”, Borneo, Malaysia

Wild Eyes

“Wild Eyes”, Borneo, Malaysia

Just Another Bad Monkey

“Just Another Bad Monkey”, Ipoh, Malaysia

Stopping for a Snack

“Stopping for a Snack”, Borneo, Malaysia

Really They're More Afraid of You

“Really They’re More Afraid of You”, Borneo, Malaysia

Brightest Bird in Borneo (Asleep)

“Brightest Bird in Borneo (Asleep)”, Borneo, Malaysia

The Brightest Bird in Borneo (Awake)

“The Brightest Bird in Borneo (Awake)”, Borneo, Malaysia

Moth in the House

“Moth in the House”, Borneo, Malaysia

Remedy for a Cold Night

“Remedy for a Cold Night”, Luang Namtha, Laos

Unhappy Babysitter

“Unhappy Babysitter”, Tha Kek, Laos

Iridescent Bird

“Iridescent Bird”, Singapore

Today's Catch

“Today’s Catch”, Northern Timor-Leste

Elephant Eye

“Elephant Eye”, Chiang Rai, Thailand

Elephant Friends

“Elephant Friends”, Chiang Rai, Thailand

Ready for More Bananas

“Ready for More Bananas”, Chiang Rai, Thailand

Rooster Gang

“Rooster Gang”, Ayutthaya, Thailand

Birds and a Bulb

“Birds and a Bulb”, Northern Thailand

Bees Love Honey

“Bees Love Honey”, Mekong Delta, Vietnam

Furry Caterpillar

“Furry Caterpillar”, Dalat, Vietnam

Good Comrade

“Good Comrade”, Hoi An, Vietnam

Snail Eggs

Snail Eggs, Mekong Delta, Vietnam

Duck Delivery

“Duck Delivery”, Central Vietnam

The Happy Dragon

The Happy Dragon, Danang, Vietnam

Coral Reef

“Coral Reef”, Komodo Island, Indonesia

Accessorized but Unexcited

“Accessorized but Unexcited”, Ninh Binh, Vietnam

The Old Men

“The Old Men”, Krabi, Thailand

Bearded Fruit Dragon

Bearded Fruit Dragon, Mekong Delta, Vietnam


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