Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder…

Well, I have clearly been MIA for a little while, but I have a good reason:

I moved to the Middle East!!

Yep, I was offered a teaching position in Al Ain, about 1.5 hours from Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.  So I left Michigan at the absolutely perfect moment, the height of fall, and am now out in the Arabian desert (in equally amazing weather, actually, it’s not 140 until July) teaching middle and high school science.  And in the six weeks I’ve been here I’ve managed to become head of the science department, which means an exciting opportunity to grow as a teacher!

So it’s been two months now, and while I haven’t bought a camel yet, I have just come back from 2.5 weeks of camping and 4 wheel driving in the mountains of Oman!  Scary, beautiful, exciting, exotic, a little dangerous, and a chance to make several new friends, my holiday had all the ingredients for an amazing time that produced a lot of beautiful photos.

So I’ll be editing and polishing and prepping and hopefully POSTING photos quite soon here.  Unfortunately, I’m still working on photos from my pan-American/Canadian road trip from the summer, so please be patient. 🙂

Love to all my family and best wishes for everyone in 2013!

Kull aam wa-‘antum bi-khayr! (Happy New Year!)


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