Progress: Slow but Steady!

In case anyone has come to the site looking for a complete catalogue of my pictures, I’m going to have to disappoint you for another day or two.  It is taking me quite a bit longer than I anticipated to get them formatted, organized, and uploaded.  But for my mom’s birthday this Friday I intend to give her the completed website she’s heard me agonize over for so long (along with a few other things, but I can’t give those away!).

But there’s good news, too: my Etsy store is ready!  In case you’ve already seen a picture you’d like a print or a canvas of, you can follow the link below straight to my shop to place an order.  The site has a lot of information about shipping, rates, and special instructions, so take a look there before you email with your questions.  Happy shopping!

My store:



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2 responses to “Progress: Slow but Steady!

  1. Lisa Montgomery

    Very, VERY, nice Lauren. I think you have found your calling. Best of luck! Love you……..Lisa

    • lcmonty

      Thanks so much, Lisa! I’m glad you could take a look at the site! I got most of it done then got distracted by the end of the school term so I’ll be putting the final photos up today and tomorrow. Check back sometime to see the rest of them. Yeah, I definitely feel like this is what I’m meant to be doing, I just wish I could be doing it full-time…

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