Bringing PFAB to the Middle East

In another crazy turn of events (welcome to my life), I have ended up moving from small-town Al Ain to the heart of Dubai. I have also stopped teaching in order to develop my work as a photographer as well as pursue some of my other interests!  It’s equal parts exciting and intimidating and nerve-wracking and invigorating, and I may be in slightly over my head, but I couldn’t be more excited to have several months where I can focus solely on showing my work and meeting other artists.

Plans are already starting to be developed, though!  I’ve met an artist/designer who has an amazing line called Neon Edge here in Dubai, and she’s bringing me into the art world here by offering to host some of my work in her studio during the Sikka Art Fair from March 14-24. Stay tuned for photos, and fingers crossed this will lead to new opportunities!  Also, over the next few weeks there will thousands of photos added to this site, my site for my domestic work will be completed, I’m going to be submitting portfolios to different publications, networking with other artists and photography groups, and investigating galleries here in the UAE that might show my work. And then just for fun I’m also going to be taking a course to become a scuba dive instructor, so I’m not anticipating too much free time, but I’m also not complaining about it!

I really appreciate the support I’ve received from everyone here in Dubai and I’m looking forward to big things, so stay tuned and wish me luck!


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Wrapping Up Another Amazing Show

I have to very quickly say THANK YOU to everyone who made my last show such an overwhelming success!  I was able to sell two dozen photos at Ella’s!!  I am so humbled by the warm reception and wonderful support I’ve received there and at all my shows in Grand Rapids.  I am loving every minute of my slow but steady transition from teacher to photographer; it’s the best kind of stress there is.

New shows are being discussed here in Dubai, and I also have plans to do portraits and take product shots for some of the many, many friends I have made in my new home.

One of my New Year’s resolutions is to get this site and Photos From A Broad in America up to date by February with the backlog of photos I have from Puerto Rico, the US, Canada, and now Oman.  Oh, dear, lots of work, but like I said it’s good stress!

So again, shukran jazheelin to everyone who has bought pictures or otherwise supported my work.  It makes me incredibly happy that my work has touched you!

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Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder…

Well, I have clearly been MIA for a little while, but I have a good reason:

I moved to the Middle East!!

Yep, I was offered a teaching position in Al Ain, about 1.5 hours from Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.  So I left Michigan at the absolutely perfect moment, the height of fall, and am now out in the Arabian desert (in equally amazing weather, actually, it’s not 140 until July) teaching middle and high school science.  And in the six weeks I’ve been here I’ve managed to become head of the science department, which means an exciting opportunity to grow as a teacher!

So it’s been two months now, and while I haven’t bought a camel yet, I have just come back from 2.5 weeks of camping and 4 wheel driving in the mountains of Oman!  Scary, beautiful, exciting, exotic, a little dangerous, and a chance to make several new friends, my holiday had all the ingredients for an amazing time that produced a lot of beautiful photos.

So I’ll be editing and polishing and prepping and hopefully POSTING photos quite soon here.  Unfortunately, I’m still working on photos from my pan-American/Canadian road trip from the summer, so please be patient. 🙂

Love to all my family and best wishes for everyone in 2013!

Kull aam wa-‘antum bi-khayr! (Happy New Year!)

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One Show Ends, Another Begins

Last week I took my pictures down off of the walls at Schulers and surrendered the space to another wonderful photographer (who I actually met and advised to show her work when she bought one of the my pieces in the store).  If you live in the area and get a chance to see Dorothy’s work, I highly recommend it!

But life keeps moving right along, and I’m currently sitting in Ella’s of Lowell appraising how I arranged my photos for the new show I’ve started here!  This time I’ll be focusing on pictures I’ve taken over the years here in the US as well as Canada and Puerto Rico, and it’s immediately obvious that there’s a different style and a different vibe at work in this collection.  I’ve already heard some lovely comments from Ella’s customers and am eager to come back on Monday with a few more pictures that weren’t quite ready to go up on the wall.  I’ll be her featured artists for at least the months of September, October, and November, so hopefully you’ll find a chance to come and enjoy them!  And just in case you’ve forgotten the details:

Ella’s of Lowell
307 E. Main, Lowell, MI

And in other news…

–There will be a reception here at Ella’s that will probably coincide with my birthday, so if you’re looking for an excuse to imbibe some tasty wines (special selections from my manager at the Flat River Grill), keep on the lookout for more information here or on Facebook.
–The new website will be completely done in a few days!  I needed to change the format because it didn’t have enough memory for all of my pictures, but I’ve got it nearly worked out–look for it soon!
–I’m talking to the manager at Striders in Eastown to hang some of my pictures in their store!  I love the people there and always enjoy the Wednesday running group, so this is definitely exciting for me.
–My first Facebook ad is going to start running this coming Wednesday.  So don’t ignore the blurbs to the right of your profile, see if you can catch PFAB over there!

I’d say that’s enough for today, but expect more soon when PFABIA is done and ready for you to enjoy.  Have a great weekend!

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Hittin’ the Road

I’ve finished working in Los Angeles for the summer and am about to embark on 2.5 to 3 weeks worth of travel across the US and Canada!  I’m incredibly excited to be getting out to find some new material and can’t wait to share it with everyone as soon as my next show starts in September.  Wish me safe travels and check back next month for lots of great, new pictures!

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Photos From A Broad in America IS HERE!!

While it’s definitely still in its infancy, I have built a new website to host my pictures from the US.  I’ll be uploading all of my shots over the next few weeks and am using a new format that I really like the look of.  Main announcements will still be made here, but for the sake of keeping things organized I’ve had to split things up into international and domestic sites.

Here it is!

Enjoy and please feel free to respond to how you like the new format and the new pictures.  And of course you can still place orders following the same procedure as on this site.

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Country on Sale: VIETNAM

Periodically I’m going to run a special deal on prints taken in the country I was traveling in at that time one year earlier.

THIS MONTH’S FEATURED COUNTRY: VIETNAM–10% off all prints of photos taken in Vietnam!

The final country on my visit, I feel like I was running frantically trying to see as much as possible in my final 3 weeks of travel.  I wish I had seen Halong Bay and a few other places, but going through the Central Plateaus and out to tiny towns like Ninh Binh were a wonderful look at life in this country.  Ho Chi Minh was a delight and I was certainly challenged in my views on America’s relationship with this part of the world.  Despite a vicious motorcycle accident, I have nothing but fond feelings towards this quickly-developing country.

Two of my favorites:

Chinese Fortunes

The Store Window

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